Fanatic Stylemaster Bamboo 2020
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 Large Surf *****
 Small Surf **********
 Paddling Ability  ********
 Glide *********
 Wave Catching  **********
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Inspired by classic longboard style Surfing, the beautiful Stylemaster Bamboo is our nose-rider SUP, allowing you to express your style on the wave with your toes hanging loose!

Easy to paddle with insane glide, the classic outline means that no board is more efficient at catching waves. The wide nose with high apex rails makes nose- riding a breeze, and we refined the rocker-line to allow the Stylemaster to ride much faster with endless flow on the face. This also produced a super smooth, gradual increase in turn-ability when stepping back towards the tail, where the thin surf rails will give great bite for more aggressive carving.

 Board  10'0"X 28.5"   10'0"X 30.5"
 Volume  130 L  145 L
 Width  28.5” / 72.4 CM   30.5” / 77.5 CM
 Length  10’/ 304.8 CM   10’0" / 304.8 CM 
 Weight  8.7 KG  9.4 KG
 Fittings  US BOX  US BOX
 REC. User Weight   50-100 KG  50-100 KG
 Mastfoot  Yes  Yes

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Fanatic Stylemaster Bamboo