Fanatic Tandem Air Premium 2020/21
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Whether it’s ‘two-stroke’ Windsurfing with a friend; or SUP cruising with your kids on board; it’s always double the fun-factor on the Tandem Air Premium!

The ultimate play-toy for families, groups or clubs; our Inflatable Tandem is equally at home Windsurfing with two sails attached, or stand up paddling on flat-water. Packed with volume for stability, the soft comfortable deck has plenty of space for two people and their luggage and it glides and tracks well thanks to the elongated shape and removable centre and rear fins.

Our Double Layer HD technology creates maximum stiffness with an ideal weight / durability ratio,
and multiple handles make carrying easy. For easy transportation, we’ve developed a premium bag for the Tandem Air, including our Fanatic Power Pump HP2 for quick and easy inflation.

 Volume  505 L
 Width  34" / 86.4 CM
 Lenght  16'0" / 487.6 CM
 Thickness  6" / 15 CM
 Weight  18.45 KG
 Fittings  US BOX
 REC. User Weight  -
 Mastfoot  Yes 2x

Artikelnummer WSP134510
HAN 13200-1146
Kategorie Allrounder
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Fanatic Tandem Air