Firewire Helium Vader Kite
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Found in many premier kitesurfing destinations around the world, the Vader is a favorite among team riders like Felix Pivec, Warrick Myer and Ryland Blakeney.

It’s also the go to board with many who attend Marc Ramseier’s surf wave clinics in destinations like Ireland, Mauritius, Oman and Denmark.

The Vader enables riders to have all of the planing and performance of the Vanguard, but with tighter turns in the pocket because of how the rail line shortened in the Vader’s diamond tail.

If high-performance vertical attack is when you’re seeking, Vader is your favorite kiteboard.


    Ability: Beginner - Expert
    Bottom Contours: Single/Quad
    Rails: Medium
    Ideal Wave Size: 2-6ft

4' 10"  16 5/8"  2"  19.0 L
5' 01"  17 3/8"  2 3/16"  22.9 L
5' 03"  17 7/8"  2 5/16"  25.8 L
5' 05"  18 3/8"  2 7/16"  28.8 L

Artikelnummer WSP124471
Kategorie Firewire
Boardgröße: Directional
Versandklasse: Sperrgut Klasse 3
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