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Neilpryde RS:FLIGHT F4 Carbon Foil Ausstellungsstück

Artikelnummer: WSP100600

Hersteller: Neilpryde
HAN: 170110
EAN: 889841073608

Kategorie: Wind

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Die spezielle Carbon Konstruktion des RS:FLIGHT F4 bietet höchste Steifigkeit und geringsten Widerstand. Leonardo da Vinci sagte "Wenn du das Fliegen einmal erlebt hast, wirst du für immer auf Erden wandeln, mit deinen Augen himmelwärts gerichtet. Denn dort bist du gewesen und dort wird es dich immer wieder hinziehen." Heb ab in die Luft mit dem brandneuen NeilPryde RS:FLIGHT F4. Das RS:FLIGHT F4 ist ein kompromissloses Carbon Foil - ausgelegt auf absolute Performance.

Der Fahrer kann dadurch jede Böe direkt in Beschleunigung und Lift umsetzen. Das Foil wird mit zwei Frontbügeln geliefert, für zwei völlig unterschiedliche Fahrerlebnisse:
  • Der größere Flügel kombiniert frühesten Lift und außergewöhnliche Upwind Performance bei erstaunlicher Balance.
  • Der kleinere Flügel liefert maximale Geschwindigkeit und Beschleunigung.

RS:FLIGHT F4. There?s something in the air.


Deep Tuttle Box
Integrated carbon Deep Tuttle Base for maximum strength, elimination of movement and perfect load transfer.

Seven stainless steel bolts for maximum strength to weight ratio while preventing any corrosion problems.

Integrated tail-fuselage connection with screw-adjustable tail trim angle This feature minimizes the drag at the end of fuselage and provides a very strong connection through opposing screws countered in tension. There is also +/- 1.5 degree (total 3degree) adjustability available by changing the tension of the front top and bottom screws. Foil is perfectly trimmed for average weight sailor (75-80kg) with tail in neutral position. Heavier sailors, especially with large front wing in light winds or during learning process might prefer slightly more stabilizing force that down tilted rear wing provides. At the same time lighter sailors, especially in strong wind conditions might find a neutral position creates excessive lift and will reduce the differential angle between two wings by tilting the tail slightly up.

Smooth Radius Intersection Points between mast and fuselage
At the most critical loading stress points (shaft leading and trailing edge-to-fuselage connections), we maintained large radius in the corners. This has a benefit of distributing tremendous compression forces existing in this area while at the same time creating a very smooth shape which minimizes turbulences common to hard edges.

Single piece mast/fuselage T-construction
Construction of our carbon foil features solid pre-preg carbon fiber layup with continuous unidirectional fibers connecting the shaft (mast) to the fuselage. This is by far the strongest and stiffest connection possible which also allows to keep the shaft and fuselage cross-section minimal, reducing the drag. This construction offers the best strength to weight ratio.

Fuselage is designed with the unique cross-section taper where the maximum volume is concentrated in the areas of highest loads. The thickest section is connecting front wing mounting area to the mast intersection; this is the area that transfers the lift of the foil onto the board and supports the complete weight of the sailor, board and rig.

Blended Fuselage to Wing Connection
During carving, there can be extreme torsional forces at the fuselage-to-wing connection area. These forces are created by different lifts on the two sides of the main wing. Part of the wing that is inside the curve experiences lower water velocity and creates lower lift. On the opposite side, the wing sees higher water velocity and creates higher lift; this differential in lifts, particularly extreme when using large wings, results in very high torsional load.
To make sure there is adequate strength to support this stress, even with heaviest sailors, we designed a very large and wide connection area. This ?saddle? distributes torsion force over a larger area and significantly reduces the torque leverage on the wing screws.

Mast: 950mm
High-lift wing span: 800mm
High-speed wing span: 590mm
Tail wing span: 380mm
Base: Deep Tuttle
Construction: High pressure moulded 100% Carbon Pre-preg

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Frage zum Produkt