Simmer Style SPEED DEMON 2019

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The Speed Demon board is a state-of-art speed machine, designed to go 50 knots or faster! Designed by legendary shaper Aurelio Verdi with one objective only, to break the world record. The main characteristics are extreme high speed going, lift for rocket powered acceleration and stability when going in a straight line. The performance has already been proven by riders such as Zara Davis who set a new woman's world record in Luderitz with a 46.49 speed average over 500m. Mikkel Asmussen set a peak speed of 52.05 knots with 49.40 knot speed average over 500 m.

227 x 40 - 50 L // One foot off is 24.6 cm
227 x 40 - 58 L // One foot off is 26.5 cm


Rocker line
A flat rocker line from 0 - 70 cm from the tail, followed by a small progressive rocker line leading up to the nose. 

The board features a three segment concave setup with a flat running into a single concave. Towards the mid section of the board the single concave developed into a double concave. This makes creates an optimal hydrodynamic flow, channeling the water to create lift for extreme acceleration and release for highest possible top-end speeds.

Outline and Volume Distribution
The Speed Demon features a parallel outline with slightly more volume distributed in front of the mast track to handle the extreme down force from a speed sail during acceleration. The narrow tail offers maximum water release at extreme speeds

Fin Positioning
The fin is placed 8 cm from the tail to create maximum release and control.

size length width fins finbox sail weight
40 227 40 Delivered without fin Tuttlebox 4.6-5.8 4.1 kg
43 227 43 Delivered without fin Tuttlebox 5.4-7.0 4.3 kg

Saison: 2019
Versandgewicht: 12,00 Kg

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