Slingshot Half Strap 2.0
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• Provides support and safety for your foiling
• Perfect learning tool for entry-level foilers
• Safer than straps, prevents ankle injuries
• Universal mount with variable stance and angle adjustments
• One size fits all, bootie compatible
• Offered from the leaders in foil technology

Package Includes:

    2 Half-Straps
    Half-Strap Installation Hardware

Slingshot's Half Straps are exactly what the name suggests- they're half of a foot strap designed to provide key leverage, a locked-in feel with the confidence of knowing you can kick free of your board when you crash. No more twisted ankles and sketchy crashes from getting stuck to your foil board.

Standard foot straps are a useful tool for foiling, but because it’s easy to get your feet stuck, they also limit mobility and increase the risk of injury, particularly to the ankles. This is especially true during the early stages of foiling progression, when crashing at awkward angles is common. The Half Strap is the happy-medium. They provide key leverage to get the board in position and keep it secure but, unlike foot straps, they’re extremely easy to disengage from during a crash.

Half Straps give you the security and stability you want while eliminating the risks of injury from getting your feet stuck in foot straps.

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