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Peter Thommen ist zurück! Nein - genau genommen war er nie weg als Custom Shaper, aber nach Jahren der Serienproduktions-Abstinenz gibt es nun endlich wieder Boards von Peter, die bei Cobra in Kleinserie produziert werden.

Dieses Old School Komplettpaket besteht aus:

  • Board inklusive Bag
  • 5,7er Segel mit zweiteiligem Mast und Gabelbaum
  • Mastfuss
  • ... sprich: aufbauen, los surfen und mächtig Spaß haben!

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Testbericht auf Daily Dose:

The patented Windsurfer launched in 1968 by Hoyle Schweitzer and Jim Drake marked the beginning of modern windsurfing. The new sport quickly gained popularity, and not only in its native Southern California but also in other regions of the world with established surfing history and culture. It swept across European shores and onto every lake once Dutch licensee Ten Cate had started mass production and distribution. The Original Windsurfer is the iconic motherboard of every sailboard ever to touch water since and inspired generations of windsurfers, or boardsailors, véliplanchistes,  Stehsegler, plankzeilers.

The Original Windsurfer had its roots in '60s longboard surfing. It opened new ways for people everywhere to experience sailing and get out on the water, be it a sea or a small lake. Now, over fifty years later, the new Windsurfer LT revisits this heritage with enhanced performance and construction yet preserves the essential style and features that ignited the global craze for windsurfing.

The Windsurfer LT marks a quantum leap forward. More volume and width add stability – great for entry level sailors as well as for practicing all the fancy dance like old school freestyle moves – remember rail riding? This board is ideally suited for introducing new people to the windsurfing experience in schools and center. It glides very nicely in light wind and effortlessly transitions to planing when the wind picks up a notch. An 70cm long, yet fully retractable dagger board improves the light wind range and invites you go out and explore. More experienced sailors can unleash their competitive minds and engage in One Design racing or attend bigger events getting organized everywhere throughout the worldwide windsurfer community.

For getting the Windsurfer LT on the Dutch waters, Thommen has teamed up with the legendary Van den Berg Brothers. Ron and Stephan embraced the Windsurfer LT in an early stage and hosted the 2019 Europeans in Hoorn, both enjoying the competition with 120 other enthusiasts from all over Europe – a great display of sportsmanship on and off the water, doing honor to Stephan’s 1984 Los Angeles Olympics gold medal.

True to the infamous “Windsurfers do it Standing Up” slogan of yesteryears the Windsurfer LT also doubles as Standup Paddle Board when the wind gods are not willing to give you a boost. However, we recommend to add some rail-tape to protect the sides of the board for paddle stroke impact.

The Windsurfer LT by Thommen is a ready-to-go-sailing package consisting of the One Design board packed inside a Thommen boardbag, complete with the 5.7 One Design rig (sail/mast/boom) and all the necessary fittings for official IWC racing. 

Windsurfer – Everyone.

Volume: 227 l
Length: 366 cm
Width: 74 cm
Tail Width: 47.3 cm
Thickness: 13.3 cm
Fin Box: Powerbox
Daggerboard: 70cm blade (88cm total)
Sail: 5.7 m2
Weight: 15kg (hull only)

Shipping weight: 12,50 Kg
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